Completed @ SPARCS

  • Bleron Preniqi (IAM) ~ Rendez-vous and docking control for nanosats, 2020
  • Beniamino Pozzan (IAM) ~ Rigidity theory for mixed multiagent formations, 2020
  • Alessandro Colotti (IAM) ~ Analysis of configurations of multi-agent systems controlled with a D-formation algorithm​ (in collaboration with LS2N – Nantes), 2020
  • Michele Franzan (IAM) ~ Octorotor robustness analysis, 2020
  • Matteo Giacomazzo (IAM) ~ UGVs for industrial applications (in collaboration with Techmo –, 2020
  • Claudio Vianello (IAM) ~ UGVs for industrial applications (in collaboration with Techmo –, 2020
  • Matteo Boscarato (IAM) ~ UGVs for industrial applications (in collaboration with Techmo –, 2019
  • Alessandra Scianatico (IAM) ~ UAV control in a virtual environment2019
  • Marco Marsella (IAM) ~ Ground/aerial cooperative robotics2018
  • Matteo Bertoia (IAM) ~ Virtualization of UGVs/UAVs formation scenarios2018
  • Luca Varotto (IAM) ~ Distributed Localization of Visual Sensor Networks based on Quaternions and Dual Quaternions2018
  • Alessandra Zampieri (IAM)  ~ Modelling and Control Techniques for Smart Street Lighting Systems2018
  • Aliocha Blaise (—) ~ NMPC control of quadrotor platforms (in collaboration with ECAM – Bruxelles)2018
  • Matteo Vitturi (IAM) ~ PACMAN: Position and Attitude Control with MAgnetic Navigation for cubesats. An experiment under the ESA – Fly Your Thesis program,  2018
  • Guido Occioni (IAM) ~ A Nonlinear Model for Multi-agent Formations: Equilibria and Convergence Analysis,  2017
    Marta Pasquetti (IAM) ~ Bearing Rigidity Theory for Formation Control of UAVs,  2017
  • Marco Fabris (IAM) ~ Strategies for coverage and focus on event for robotic swarms with limited sensing capabilities,  2016
  • Davide Bosello (IAM) ~ Controllo di un quadrottero: identificazione del modello, path planning, docking,  2016
  • Gianluca Giorgini (IAM) ~ Visual Guidance and Tracking for a UAV System,  2016
  • Alessia Cocco (IAM) ~ SO(2) Rotation Estimation in Camera Networks,  2016

Completed @ other institutions

  • Marta Galvan (IAM) ~ Approaching path planning in dynamic environment (with prof. Alberto Sanfeliu at UPC, Barcelona – Spain)2019
  • Alberto Franco (IAM) ~ Local path planning with moving obstacle avoidance based on adaptive MPC in ATLASCAR2 (with prof. Vitor Santos at University of Aveiro – Portugal)2019
  • Nicola Lissandrini (IAM) ~ Cooperative aerial robotics (with prof. Dimos Dimarogonas at KTH, Stokholm – Sweden)2019
  • Matteo Salbego (IAM) ~ Estimation and control techniques for multirotor uavs: design and experimental validation (with prof. Telmo Cunha, University of Aveiro, PT),  2017
  • Riccardo Zanella (IAM) ~ Design, Implementation and Test of Decoupled Controllers for Mobile Manipulation with Aerial Robots (with prof. Dimos Dimarogonas KTH, Stockholm – Sweden),  2016