Development of a Docking System for Nano and Micro Satellites

(Progetto BIRD-DII)

The project focuses on the development of an autonomous and self-standing docking system for nano and micro satellites, featuring: (1) a sensor package for proximity relative navigation (position and attitude), (2) a set of rendez-vous and soft-docking actuators to perform close range maneuvers without the need of using the spacecraft propulsion system (which is rarely available onboard nano satellites), and (3) a hard dock mechanism to provide structural rigidity, as well as thermal and electrical interfaces to connected vehicles.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Alessandro Francesconi

Research-Unit Participants: Prof. Angelo Cenedese, Prof.Enrico Lorenzini ,  Dr. Eng. Andrea Valmorbida, Dr. Eng. Francesco Branz, Dr. Eng. Lorenzo Olivieri, Dr. Eng.  Laura Bettiol, Dr. Eng. Giulia Michieletto, Dr. Eng. Matteo Duzzi